Emo Girl – Goes on the date

Do you think Razor blade should go on another date with Charlie? Subscriber to Onision www.youtube.com tell him that Charlie is SO EMO Thank you to Greg aka Onision for doing all the work on the video :) Had a lot of fun filming this video :) :) Alternate Ending www.youtube.com My accent coach is on twitter now, so if you like learning new accents, please follow her www.twitter.com Contact me here WEBSITE www.OlgaKay.com DAILYBOOTH http IMDB tinyurl.com FACEBOOK www.facebook.com MYSPACE www.myspace.com TWITTER www.twitter.com or by mail OlgaKay POBOX 17782 Van Nuys, CA 91416 See you next week MOOSHERS
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25 Responses to Emo Girl – Goes on the date

  1. giovani mcass says:

    they would be a supr good couple both emo

  2. WhyMusicRocks says:

    if there was a contest to date razor blade i would stuff the box with my name ^-^

  3. pvtwhy145 says:

    it is onision hw made his own emo episode

  4. ourlovelylies says:


  5. LegendOfZeldaLove99 says:

    Safety pin is red.
    Razor blade has a phone.
    No one texts her.
    She’s forever alone.

  6. hugzmeh1221 says:

    YAY GREG!!! (onision)

  7. power1395 says:

    Forever alone… Razorblade :”(

  8. scream4rules says:

    Onision ;)

  9. NovemberFallsify says:

    I would so date Razor Blade >.<

  10. Xx2Bubbles2xX says:

    thats just an offensive sterotype

  11. Xx2Bubbles2xX says:

    it is him :)

  12. mhrocha100 says:

    She’s got issues

  13. darkstars212 says:

    Oookay bipolar

  14. CookisLove says:

    ONISION!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  15. theshellshock30 says:


  16. Olivia Fisher says:


  17. Cici Pfeifer says:


  18. ourlovelylies says:

    is it just me or does emo guy look like onison, unless it is onison
    i dont know but i really want to

  19. nina8499 says:

    Were did he get that shirt “im so emo “i want it

  20. brokendollproduction says:

    1) He is not goth, how do i know? im a RL goth.besides.. why the hell would a goth were a shirt saying ‘im so emo’ ? use common sense. and 2) you are a frickin’ moron sir, not ALL emos cut and you dont have to be emo to cut, usually people who cut are depressed people suffering some sort of mental problem. Good day to your close minded-ness.

  21. KyuubiTV says:

    emo charlie!
    Razor blade!
    they would of been a good couple…..
    *sad face*

  22. BigTimeRusher2001 says:


  23. 123catsrcool says:

    Since she’s so insecure why doesn’t she date safety pin. GOSH!

  24. CherryCoa says:

    It was a joke.

  25. HU4L9951 says:

    I’m Emo… When me and my bf r on a date we don’t act like this at all.

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