Eartha Kitt the best of

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Eartha Kitt the best of
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Image by Nesster
The three artists I grew up with, literally from in utero onwards: Wilhelm Kempff (esp. moonlight sonata), the Mills Bros (esp. Istanbul, not Constantinople [marked as ‘fox trot’ on the 78 rpm record]), and Eartha Kitt. My parents had Uska Dara and a record player that would go down to 16. So they’d play the 45 at 33 and 16 to learn the words to Uska Dara. As a tot, being in the magpie stage, and having heard the song whilst in womb, of course I had no problem picking up the words.

These three artists by the way may have warped my sensibilities for the remainder of my life.

New England Trip Loot
pick up artist

Image by Austin Kleon
comics and books picked up from:

– New England Comics in Cambridge MA
– The Strand in NYC
– Rocketship in Brooklyn, NY
– Picturebox in Brooklyn, NY

Fresh Mochi for tonight’s Balsa Tiny Art Party
pick up artist

Image by colinaut
I picked up a dozen for tiny artists to nom on… sorry make that 11.

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