Dating Tips : How to Keep a Man Interested

Keeping a man interested is all about maintaining independence, strength and confidence. Show a man that he is appreciated with help from a relationship coach in this free video on dating tips and relationship advice. Expert: Donna Barnes Contact: Bio: Donna Barnes is a professional life coach, relationship expert, television host, author, columnist and producer, based in New York City. Filmmaker: Paul Muller

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43 Responses to Dating Tips : How to Keep a Man Interested

  1. lebengm1 says:

    I love your advice, straight to the point. No need to complicate things :) thanks for sharing.

  2. CrazyClara101 says:

    But I’m too shy, and also I’m not a whore.

  3. FrustratingSearch says:

    i think that advice works both ways “like to be appreciated”, “like independent people” etc. basically it comes down to treating him/her however you like to be treated! as simple as that.

  4. Tim Santillanes says:

    When she said men loves woman who loves them self’s, and that men like to be appreciated, she hit the nail on the head! There is nothing worse than a girlfriend that is constantly gossiping about her friends and judging the way other people lives their life! We cant stand nagging house wives because we feel like they have no appreciation for us, which is why some men will cheat because they feel like they are being more appreciated by the other woman then they felt from their own wife!

  5. Liteboyiam says:

    these are both really good suggestions.

  6. towpet33 says:

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  7. Evette Vonamsberg says:

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  8. WombofHathor says:

    boost his ego and have self-esteem. and if you want him to fall in love with you COOK A GOOD MEAL FOR HIM every once in awhile….not all the time cause he is not your husband.

  9. Crazcompart says:

    Just like some women…There are men who will never be satisfied with whom they are with…The grass is always greener in the next yard, and the thousand after that…Just gotta accept that, and let ‘em go…Don’t worry, they won’t be coming back…

  10. mahkewlvidz says:

    LOL then you need to get hot

  11. WilliamLongfellow says:

    What is it about these dating tips that brings out the comment misogyny? *sigh*

  12. delo98 says:

    exactly what ive become thanks for the tips i think it will be hard but itll help a lot

  13. Hollywood15Undead says:

    Thanks for the tip :D

  14. thesaltandpeppersho says:

    what do i do when my boyfriend doesn’t seem interested to text me as much? /:

  15. embracingreality says:

    Whoa! You mean men aren’t born into the world in debt to women? That is, women aren’t entitled to the generosity of men just by their very right of birth alone? Hmmm, so I guess the revelation here is that women actually have to earn appreciation, prove themselves worthwhile in a relationship and not just take it all for granted, like men owe them…

    Only problem here is that the minute she crosses the finish line (marriage) women generally stop trying because they know men are trapped. No thx.

  16. NikoBelack says:

    To make her official i want to see her make a video cake in the kitchen

  17. superguy2569 says:

    The compliment thing is true of both sexes…

  18. fatalassassin7 says:

    noooo, what happens is chicks fall in love faster, they get attached, then the guy starts to, in response, care for her because she cares for him, but THEN, just like you said, the girls always get ansy that they’re giving away some magic part of themselves, and they disconnect, and then wonder why there’s problems -_-

  19. rabidpensfan says:

    Well, I’m sorry to hear that. Gotten burned as well. All I have to say is making a “good” man pay for what a “bad” man did to you isn’t going to get you much of anywhere. I usually find that this is due to passing up good guys, and chasing a jerk. In fact that is almost always the case. They guys that gals wouldn’t pay attention to go on to become jerks just to meet women. However, what is the point of dating if at some point the guy doesn’t have you? Can’t have it both ways, never works.

  20. KittyzKatterz says:

    Well I was a real woman, and I got my heart broken. Sorry, I had a good man, he had a good hold on me, and he knew it. I wasn’t a challenge, and he walked all over me…

  21. JesusANDbible says:

    Man likes a lady with her priority’s in the right place family values and potential marriage material and no baggage from her past life

  22. soulsistah102 says:

    nope. he’s with me now. he was juss playin hard to get.

  23. Tomahawk1999 says:

    oh he prolly just met someone who was better lookin sorry though i feel for u

  24. purpledinosaurdude says:

    step one: DON’T BE BORING.

  25. bloodline211 says:

    weres pt 3+4?

  26. Will Alonzzo says:


  27. Fervens Indicium says:

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  28. Langtry613 says:


  29. rene ybarra says:

    yes phonix a bar is similar to a fuckin luch crowd and yaaa

  30. Helpful1Videos says:

    Yes it is! Check the link on the video description.

  31. olliejoe96 says:

    roses are brown

    violets are brown

    who keeps taking dumps in my garden?

  32. Slaaayer92 says:

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  33. 888TopGear888 says:

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  34. cryogenikz says:

    this should replace algebra

  35. EzrasSweetChannel says:

    yeah i use this stuff and pull plenty (x

  36. TheMerlet24 says:

    or Joshua’s dating coach rivals

  37. TheYellowstranger says:

    Two people who disliked are gay

  38. Mike Larson says:

    that was terrible.

  39. AstucesHighTechFR says:

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  40. akin kry says:


  41. Jerome Beavers says:

    This guy is smart as fuck

  42. Sean Kennedy says:

    is this suitable for a highschool student?

  43. DynamiT55 says:


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