Dating Tips for Nice Guys – How Nice Guys Can Get Girls

Hey there, Mark here and today, I’m going to give some dating tips for nice guys! – So are you a nice guy but don’t ha… – Get More Info NOW! The Tao Of Badass – Dating Advice For Men Get more girls. Get the pretties girls! The Tao Of Ba…

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26 Responses to Dating Tips for Nice Guys – How Nice Guys Can Get Girls

  1. Relationship Sensei says:
  2. ricki alex says:

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  3. long nc says:

    Damned good!thanx a ton?

  4. MyKeyblader1 says:

    I saw the limited version this video where he only puts up the video for 24

  5. d mar says:

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  6. Hradyesh Kumar says:

    Youre going to make it big someday.

  7. blader linker says:

    well as for me i alwways do the silent “assasin system” lol guaranteed
    satisfaction all the time all the way .. and oh … be honest and lie a
    little bit girls love that too..

  8. Lant Swift says:

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  9. John Simmons says:

    wow! i cant wait for you to upload more videos subscribed!

  10. JOe DOn says:

    Well I tried it right after watching this and Boom, Fish on

  11. jprobe1 says:

    Pretty neat

  12. John Parks says:

    I scanned some of the responses. I feel that that is a great vid. My bro
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  13. Mei dela vega says:

    wow! that is a really funny vid lol

  14. AlphaNalo says:

    The Tao of Badass is a digital book & videos help you get women, this
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  15. reiovn says:

    This is fucking bullshit. This video is just waste of time. In fact, if you
    want to get woman, you have to be muscular, popular and you have to have
    money (women expect you to pay for everything).

  16. hoanganhptit says:

    Best video Ive seen in a long time!

  17. Lawrence Toscano says:

    So propinquity means “nearness” yet how did he use it exactly? Maybe I
    misunderstood him haha

  18. HardstyleGermany11 says:

    7 – I must have seen this like 1500000? times xD

  19. Nathen Micheals says:

    Just bought the system yesterday, Have to read it completely

  20. fedause says:

    oohhh yeahh trafficking date books! I want it too

  21. tamer halim says:

    That was great material. I’m here due to the fact my mate all of the sudden
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  22. Uniqueoffers100 says:

    Guys, this system really works!

  23. willace217 says:

    i literally want to marry all your vids

  24. Tao of Badass 411 says:

    Great advice, please post more.

  25. artyfoul25 says:

    This is great.

  26. Erica Simões says:

    This is one of this things that just a north amertican could do. This
    disgusting, pure bullshit, insensitive, nonsense, all that conception is
    wrong and ridiculus, just the idea of get laid this way is awful, that is
    the result of a bizzare culture, that is teaching in TV, books, and
    magazines, north amerians r lost all they authenticity, and r try to hard
    hide they human feelings, more than other nationalities around the world

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