Dating Tips For Men – Update Your Underwear! for FREE dating tips and advice for men. Did you get new underwear for Christmas? If not you better take advantage of the sales, b…

What not to do in a relationship with a Western Woman. A few helpful tips for Indian Men who want to date or have a contemporary relationship, especially wit…
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48 Responses to Dating Tips For Men – Update Your Underwear!

  1. Cosmo Doofenharris says:

    How about if you like going commando?

  2. Andrew Markus says:

    Shit, my underwear is always clean! I never have cum, nor shit nor any
    other stains

  3. PrinceZappa says:

    i don’t what guys hang out with david but this isn’t me lol

  4. Diego Sepulveda says:

    dude!!! what the fuck

  5. All Total Coaching says:

    True men never admit it

  6. enslavediguanna says:

    I always keep my underwear as clean as possible, because I know I will get
    a little freaked out if I see a girls underwear and is dirty. So I
    empathize with the girl with that point of view

  7. Dexter Haven says:

    OK, if you update your own shirts!

  8. bwest8888 says:

    David is speaking from experience here lol

  9. pissd chris says:

    if the socs underwear need changed.. simply turn them inside out… that
    way they last an extra week and so saving on washing time…. and use air
    freshener spray for deodorant…. works every time…. 

  10. Arjun07A says:

    I actually like these type of videos…these can educate a lot..I totally
    agree with the underwear thing. Please post more videos like these..

  11. Jarod Billingslea says:

    For the dudes with cum stains, you’re suppose to take piss after coming
    bruh… or your shit will leak. That’s how idiots get women pregnant
    nowadays. Jack off on her ass and then put it right back in. You are
    destined to fail at safe sex if you do this.

  12. ChugFour says:

    Didn’t know having fucked up underwear was an option

  13. Jon Turner says:

    Pinned you, dude. This one’s too funny

  14. Robert Jeansonne says:

    I completely agree got to keep them chonies fresh!

  15. stupidutoobusername says:

    Another tip, take a hint from women and wear black underwear. It tends to
    hide any stains you may have. Also, change your underwear before a date.

  16. Bushmans Wildhiking says:

    What a shit vid

  17. 1madaboutguitar says:

    Ha Ha he is so right!

  18. EskiLdn says:

    What sort of people you hanging with?, shit staines?

  19. Stretch MyHeart says:

    I know a guy. A GUY, who usually just wears the same underwear for 2 weeks
    straight. After he has sex he throws them bad boys right back on
    Immediately, so the smell can absorb into the fabric.

    He says when he approaches women he flaps the front of his pants so she can
    get a nice wiff of what’s to come. if she doesnt want any part of it then
    thats ok but surprisingly, the saved up pheromones from other women,
    demonstrates his value on a subconscious level, so he actually gets laid
    very often and now hes selling the smells he collects as colognes. I would
    DEFINITELY suggest trying this out you guys…..

  20. Mr-Nice-Guy j says:

    Hey, once I have her in my bed naked that’s all that matters. 

  21. Marco Gambler says:

    Yeap. All those little disgusting things can really become turn offs for

  22. Stretch MyHeart says:

    lol the mind of David wygant everybody 

  23. ICET100 says:

    Hey I’m Indian and I Deserve to have a Woman in my life weather they are
    Australian Woman or Western Woman I can have Any Woman I want

    I’m looking for a Serious Relationship that Lasts Forever

  24. regularguy316 says:

    Joanne, few points I learnt from watching your video. Many of your points
    raised can apply to men of all races (including white). Also to both men
    and women. It’s not just an Indian phenomenon. Also do remember one
    thing. Not all “Indian” guys are born and raised in India. Many of us
    come from countries like the UK, US & Canada etc etc. Totally different up
    bringing and different morals and values.

    But I do have to agree with you, guys born and raised from India that
    eventually find their way to our country are very much like what you say.
    They fail to adjust and then go about saying everyone here is “confused”,
    when in fact they are the ones confused. When in Rome remember. I find
    they are extremely possessive, controlling and totally belittle women. Of
    course I am totally generalizing now.

    But trust me, guys from India have messed it up for the rest of us Indian
    guys. I can’t tell you how many stories I hear from girls telling me they
    met an Indian guy originally from India who pledged his undying love for
    her. Only to go running back to India and having an arranged marriage to a
    bride chosen by his parents.

  25. MOZINRAAG says:

    gora rani devi, mujhse shaadi kar le.

  26. Raja Sharma says:

    GORA RANI DEVI???!!!

  27. Ed Gill says:

    What is with the FUCKING intro? Nobody understands india. All these white
    motherfuckers head bobbing apu accent. It’s bullshit. The real india is
    nothing like it. And they ruin the name for pakistani’s as well. God people
    are fucking ignorant.

  28. Saawari Ghildiyal says:

    A white girl does not like to be told what to eat, where to go, what job to
    take, when to come home, expect to cook, expect to take care of your
    babies/parents, expect to clean, expect to spend her money on house hold
    expenses, who to befriend and most of all never say anything negative about
    her looks, her weight, choice of dresses, amount of makeup, number of shoes
    and handbags. Anything you say will offend her. Her ego is more fragile
    than snowflake. I do not understand why such girls/women want to get

  29. oshea watt says:

    you know you white women these days call us black n words but still you
    talkin bout oh your dick is so big stay away you know what yall did slave
    us and always talkin bout we hit you we shot you but never in 1.000.000
    years ill be interacial

  30. Anamik says:

    White women already starting to tell Indian what to do ! Well British ruled
    over us and We are not really in this mood. I would stick with my curry and

  31. oshea watt says:

    you white bitch you are fuckin up my haritage im native american indian you
    white hoes always mess with us black people its why we murder you people
    you are a parody indian not a real indian

  32. Torontos basement barber...totally says:

    She is on bath salt. …ymmmmmmmm…

  33. Ann C says:

    stupid men and women whoever you are leaving here messages about a mans
    size of penis-shame on you measuring a human being by the size of his
    private not his heart or his head. I was deceived by a donkey in Greece
    with an ego bigger than his donkey no brains no heart no soul. He and his
    greek mistress tortured me by poison me and my babies and almost killed us
    3 one by one I survived five to six years of complete torture by ten greedy
    malicious evil people who hated me for being a human being he was a human
    predator a man with a dunkey not a penis who loved sex with men not women
    and had a hatred of women- a sadistic man and his entire family. I barely
    made it with my life. so don’t be so shallow Neither look for KIND men
    judge by the character the manner of speech not his silence nor his size
    watch a mans heart test him and pay attention if he is poisoning your food
    by pretending he loves you bringing food to your bed but wanting to kill
    you just for the fun of it just because he feels you are a rat a Mexican
    American rat as he called me among his family and friends. don’t be shallow
    please any human being who loves people pregnant women and babies is a
    human being to me worthy of respect. The size of his color religion food he
    easts is the least of a woman’s troubles trust me I have been with a human
    predator a poisonous hell snake.

  34. rasheed1669 says:

    LOL who knew us Indian people whether fair or brown are same in Dna as
    Europeans , indo aryans migrated into those areas , plus we have Middle
    Eastern heritage.
    Indian people are blessed. North or South

    Haplogroup R-M17, sometimes referred to as R-M198, is a Y DNA haplogroup
    defining one of the most common human male lines found in modern Eurasia.
    It is defined by the SNP mutation M17, and is particularly common in a
    large region extending from South Asia and Southern Siberia to Central
    Europe and Scandinavia (Underhill 2009).

    Haplogroup R (M207, M306) Found in Europe, West Asia, Central Asia, and
    South Asia

  35. shetty ashok says:

    i love you

  36. GHF51 says:

    Dating don’ts for Indian Men.
    No 1. Don’t date.
    We American women don’t need a guy who stinks of sulphur and curry, and
    also has a penis below 10 inches and 7 inches girth. 

  37. MeshugenahScientist says:

    She’s right about not getting obsessed and wanting to spend every single
    moment with your Western woman. Keep your emotions calm and serene.

    And odd thing about Western partners (both male and female) is that too
    much eagerness actually causes the western partner to lose interest.

    In the West, emotions (and so much else) tend to be understated, as if not
    wanting to stray far from an even keel; as if you let your feelings “rock”
    too far to one side, the inevitable return may tip the boat over. 

  38. Anil D says:

    A million points for your first tip behenji…I failed in it and learnt it
    the hard way…

  39. Prabjeetsingh Rissam says:


  40. Jack Black says:

    Ya you like smelly.

  41. Asheesh Khajuria says:

    Seems you are some Soft Skills/ Interpersonal Trainer!!
    Cute though :)

  42. Amol Joshi says:

    GORA RANI DEVI hahahahahah i could not stop laughing.

  43. muz pal says:

    hi ..i like your video thoug but I’m quite surprised, that you coming
    from US, which is a commonwealth country, and what makes you like india
    so much. im from india aswell, but i have stayed for 5 years in australia
    and currently living in singapore, but being honest with you, i find it
    very boring when i visit india. Its so damn fucking backward , and the
    lifestyle seriously suxs the hell out of me. Everywhere there is fucking
    corruption, and so much of fucking traffic on the streets, no wonder you
    must have also seen the fuckin cows hangin on the streets, and thats so
    bloody hilarious. Moreover the beer is so damn fuckin adulterated , and
    the good ones are availaible at the 5 star hotels. Furthermore, there
    is a lot of crime, so im not much into india seriously. However i really
    like the advice you gave on dating and stuff.

  44. shashank Naringrekar says:

    that is so kind of you 

  45. Sandeep Bansal says:

    You are so so so so cute….I just love your hindi…………….(now
    working on my project……..) …gora rani devi…

  46. ravindra kumar says:

    hello , mam ,,,,, i like your all videos , its really awesome , , i really
    can’t believe i see one western woman , likes our culture ,,, ,, i have my
    gf she is romanian , we stay together 6 months in india ,,, she also like
    so much india , ,,, same you ,,,,,,,, and believe me , when i see your
    video , i startto miss my GF ,,,,, thank you somuch 

  47. Madhukar Poojary says:

    I like it , you reflect a mature thought.

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