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www.getmyexbackrightnow.info Dating Tips For Men like us. Men dating tips. We don’t have a six pack, a fast car, heaps of money, a 12 ” tool either. What we are is decent guys who just want a piece of the action and a decent woman. Thing is it’s hard to get one without knowing what makes a hot lady tick. Body language actually accounts for far more than what we actually say to a woman. I was surprised at that. I have often seen an average guy walking down the street with a beautiful girl on his arm and wondered how the heck did he get her ! This seminar really dispels a lot of the myths about dating and has quite a few real eye opening tips that seem so obvious now. It’s long but well worth watching. I can connect way better with good looking women that I could before and my confidence has sky rocketed. Enjoy ! www.getmyexbackrightnow.info You’re a great guy. You treat women with the utmost respect, you’re polite, dependable and an all around good guy. You’ve probably asked yourself on more than one occasion, why women love bad guys? How do guys like Tommy Lee get hot women, while you struggle to keep any woman? How does the scruffy bad boy biker living next door find lots of women and have little difficulty keeping them? It’s simple, really. Women love bad guys, because they’re exciting. Bad guys are unpredictable, out of the norm and different. The very elements that make them bad guys are what draw women to them. Isn’t that ironic? No wonder people say love makes no

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