*Dating tips for Men,* * How to Flirt with Women Tips* *from a Women*

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8 Responses to *Dating tips for Men,* * How to Flirt with Women Tips* *from a Women*

  1. blucinemafilms says:

    What if you have KFC or Big Burger uniform on and you see the girl of your dreams and suddenly mint you try to toss in your mouth lands in some Ex linebacker’s 5 yr old little girls sprite.

  2. keefriffhard212 says:

    She is hot and funny! Watch the blooper at the end! Real intel for men!

  3. QuadroHex says:

    Terminator 6 ! ! !

  4. mba2ceo says:

    U forgot about he hundreds in your palm ? Make sure U flip through them slowly.

  5. TheTank2287 says:

    hey are you single

  6. ZavanMerchant says:

    I’m sorry ma’am. But may I have your number? :D

  7. SpikedYum says:

    I just had to click on this. I recently went on something about how women catch a player and aparantly a main one to catch a player is that the guy will keep eye contract and will smile. On this the woman says keep eye contact and smile?

  8. kardzfn21 says:

    Don’t jump to conclusions-I don’t shave 7 days a week, why not? Not b/c I can’t take of myself b/c I have a BIG scar on my neck it has to be their otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to put in this device that’s like a pace-maker but is for my seizures-the device runs next to my heart, through my neck, & 2 my brain. I became so sick of people asking me what the scar on my neck is for & having to explain what a seizure is I decided shave 2-3 x’s a week, & the rest of the week- scar’s covered!

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