Dating Tips For Men – Avoid The Alien Woman

Discover how to stay out the friendzone forever here So, today in the next in the series of dating tips for men I…

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13 Responses to Dating Tips For Men – Avoid The Alien Woman

  1. Power Slam says:

    don’t you always go to coffee shops tho….

  2. Aaberg says:

    Very simple, but great advice!

  3. Mr-Nice-Guy j says:

    Best advice so far

  4. Terry S. Smith says:

    And go buy the book, The Way of The Superior Man. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  5. Steve Mahy says:

    Awesome video!!

  6. ShiniGorky187 says:

    How does David only have 27k subs? He should have like a million

  7. Jon Turner says:

    What would freak me out is one of these alien women coming into a club and
    doing the Creepy Twirl.

  8. Skylinesandsunsets says:

    Putting someone on a pedestal allows them to kick you in the face.

  9. Simo Darkman says:

    Straight from the horses mouth :)

  10. fantana says:

    Great vid

  11. Shawn Cushnie says:


  12. Dario Andrade says:

    keep up the good ]work the differences between the 2 brains =men and women
    are [vast!!!!!

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