Dating Advice – BLACK OPS ZOMBIES ASCENSION MAP (Cheating Girlfriend Stories) (HD)

I give advice to one of Woody’s subs, and then tell some sub stories about bad girlfriends! If you like it, leave it a Like and follow me on Twitter @ If you have a story about a girl you’re not sure if you should stay with or dump, message it to me with the title “DUMP THAT” and I’ll answer it in the next video. This video will show you: – How to dump someone (like your girlfriend or boyfriend) – How to cheat and get caught
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Hi guys! For those who don’t know me, I am Marissa :) Leave a comment on what topic I should talk about next video. Also subscribe for advice videos, vlogs and more! TWITTER: MATT’S CHANNEL: SUBSCRIBE TO THE SHOW:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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49 Responses to Dating Advice – BLACK OPS ZOMBIES ASCENSION MAP (Cheating Girlfriend Stories) (HD)

  1. Gallzeh says:


  2. leandds619 says:

    Dododoodododododo subscribe

  3. chris doyle says:


  4. TheTee13 says:

    What happen to the series dump that bitch

  5. brandon pixley says:

    my school dont have seatbelts on the bus

  6. 347xTOM says:

    @ 4:10 my situation w/ my ex, i double dumped tht bitch haha

  7. mister4music says:

    just say to the bitch PREPARE YOUR ANUS!! xD

  8. hellwolfe79 says:

    You: “Wanna see a magic trick?”
    Girl: “Sure”
    You: *Poof* “You’re single.”

  9. jeffhardy2627 says:


  10. THExKINGxKINGx says:


  11. limza3 says:

    Jokes on you. My cat is still a virgin!!

  12. DuckAutocorrect says:

    Thanks to thad i now get more pussy than a cat…

  13. xAndyAFC96 says:

    There is this girl i really like, we have a lot in common such as music taste, and meet up quite a lot as all my other friends are friends with her and im friends with her friends, when im with her she is always hugging me and holding my hand and just flirting and vice versa, but im not sure weather she actually would go out with me as we are such good friends, what should i do thad?

  14. sohei11 says:

    thad you just got battlefield trolled :P BF3 ad before vid

  15. RiseKarhu says:

    Even better way to dump a girl:
    You: Hey, wanna see a magic trick?
    Girl: Sure
    You: Poof! Now you’re single!

  16. jam900x says:

    i agree with this guy :p one girl messed me about. im dump that bitch

  17. TieFreaty says:

    weed is so good though

  18. lolitsthad says:

    if it’s every now and then it’s alright, but not on a daily basis

  19. TieFreaty says:

    hey thad, would you date a bitch that smokes weed?

  20. Nikola Vlaskalic says:

    thanx for telling my friend to dump his bitch

  21. s4asuke16 says:

    i LOVE how u, laine, and david brown use dubstep for your outros, dubstep is the shit

  22. blackflash468 says:

    make a video on how to get GIRL i never had one plz help

  23. blackflash468 says:

    make a video on how to get GIRL i never had onplz help

  24. dilldino765 says:

    Way to dump a girl:

    You: Hey, wanna see a magic trick?

    Girl: Sure (:

    You: Poof, you’re single!

  25. Trenton Franco says:

    Feminine-Ass status hahah lol dump that bitch!!

  26. wyatt krueger says:

    I like how you put bloopers on the end

  27. wyatt krueger says:

    Thanks you are a real girl so you can give real advice!!!!

  28. Isaac Buitron says:

    I’m in Jr. High and there is this homecoming dance I was thinking that the next video should be on how to slow dance comfortably.

  29. Connor Stone says:

    I like this girl she kissed me and held my hand at a Bon what the f&$” should I do I’m going f&$”&:@ crazey

  30. TheTaoOfBadassGuide says:

    You can buy TAO OF BADASS off ebay dot com for $11 and you get an instant download.

  31. MegaMitch96 says:

    I wear supras…JS

  32. redboxgreenball says:

    I love Maddie she is sexy oh and I love your info it works yessssßsßßsßssssß sßssssß

  33. jslaughter30 says:

    I’m a sophomore too

  34. andy pandy says:

    This was an extremely pointless video. The basic message is wash yourself and dont get your ass out. All true but its harldy breaking news

  35. Todd Smith says:

    Marrissa, Okay I have this friend I really like and we have dated a couple of times…. Got any tips on how I should keep it to last? (BTW I am popular in school and the fastest kid in my school so yea!)

  36. pachotas111096 says:

    Lmao supras

  37. 49moparman says:

    she is soo pretty

  38. dupade says:

    She’s hot

  39. ScoopsHotsy says:

    upgrade your twitter experience by following @ButtsNsluts for naked pictures of girls throughout the entire day, we dont fuck around.

  40. catzrock3103 says:

    Why girls get periods

  41. damicha2 says:

    Hello men. A quick share. My brother used this technique to get his current girl. Every guy should watch and learn this stuff before asking out any female for success. I just started using it too. See the free video. Blew my mind. Just type in your browser GetYourGirl then dot TK (yes, I said dot tk). Important: Then actually use what you learn asap.

  42. Martin King says:

    Hey I got a question. I’m in 7th grade and some people make fun of me just cause I haven’t really got a girl. My question is how do you get one. I’m not exactly Mr ladies man….


  43. Teran Perera says:

    I always check out an unbiased review site to be read before even considering to get a hold of any systems related to getting dates and then relationships. Go to ProductReviews-Dating (a dot com site). Their favorite was …….well, I will let you decide for yourself. Every one is different, and they have things for both men and women.

  44. 718mattmatt says:

    hey i need help so im a junior in highschool and i see this girl in my lunch everyday and she is so pretty and she looks like a nice girl but i dont know her and i want to get to know her can you help me on how i can start talking to this girl

  45. mcsportzhawk2 says:

    getttt outta here :p

  46. RyanWhiSchool says:

    Look at you helping people ;p.

  47. angelshybabie says:

    Great job on your first video without your brother. Keep it up!

  48. PGR201 says:

    I liked your video it was good you should come check out my channel ;)

  49. xPaincakes2556x says:

    “I Promise next Time It Will Be Longer” LOL!!! Thats what He said =)

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