Dating Advice – ★ HOW TO NOT GIVE A SH** (Dating Advice) (“FREE TIPS!” “HOW TO BE CONFIDENT!”)

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25 Responses to Dating Advice – ★ HOW TO NOT GIVE A SH** (Dating Advice) (“FREE TIPS!” “HOW TO BE CONFIDENT!”)

  1. oranneecadena says:

    Thumbnail got me

  2. redstonepick says:

    i saw nip in the thumbnail…

  3. MrMakake says:

    You seem to care about our opinion..

  4. cjwilson327 says:

    Dude your advice is completly truee n it works hahahah

  5. justin ashman says:

    I am a starter in lacross and I realize they only want me because of mi athletasism. But im still getting hot chicks.

  6. SanketMay says:

    what is this……….

  7. itsbc753 says:

    Was in a similar situation, girl said she loved me as a brother, hardcore friendzoned. Anyways, it seems like you spend quite a lot of time with her, just ignore the girl, and start going out with other ones, even if you don’t like that one, if she gets jealous, then you won. Good luck my friend

  8. Radon53 says:


  9. jrion2 says:

    yeah but the trick is finding a reason to talk to her. Play stupid, ask her where a certain class may be, or if you guys have friends in common ask where the friend is and then introduce yourself and then bam. There ya go..

  10. Sub6167 says:

    Need Red Hot Girl

  11. jrion2 says:

    whose the chick?

  12. JazzOwnsU says:

    So true.
    Thad, the goddamit fucking pussymagnet :)

  13. q8cdnd says:

    What’s that model name ?

  14. Grammar PoIice says:

    Kick her in the Taco, Paco

  15. adrian1sanchez says:

    What should i do answer asap

  16. adrian1sanchez says:

    Hey thad i want to go out with my best friends sister she is hot but if i break up with her i dont want it to ruin my friendship with my best friend

  17. mysk1llz0wn1 says:

    How to talk to a girl for the first time… at school?

  18. Riptide519 says:

    yo thad im shy as fuck although im well on my way to becoming a pussy magnet like you how to i start a conversations with a girl? i mean wouldnt it be awkward as fuck if some random guy came up to a girl and was like yo whats up?

  19. FAMOUSxSAIKER says:

    Great points im a pretty confident person but this does help guys with less confidence great video..

  20. sobhironi says:

    shut up and fuck her

  21. futbolfaneric40 says:

    @jcalpha103 shut the fuck up with that bullshit bro nobody fkn cares what u think

  22. jcalpha103 says:

    Well if a person who is self conscious recognises that they are self conscious to their own detriment then how is the simple advice to not be do self conscious going to change them. The decisions you make very much define who you are and so since self consciousness effects all decisions then it becomes a part of your personality. Depending on the cause of the issue which is most likely faulty cognitions then it will be a hard trait to change.

  23. Jordan Thomas says:

    if your good friends with her maybe just be friends, i had the same problem, it ended out to be we are good friends, idk if this will help

  24. Jordan Thomas says:

    just ask her bro, be honest and up front if she wants it she will say yes

  25. Jordan Thomas says:

    just fucking move on haha. shes stupid for not taking the joke as a joke and you dont want a bitch thats all serous and shit, waste off time

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