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1884 Limited edition 11/212, WW Ricca, signed by artist
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Image by scismgenie
#11/212 Limited edition by WW Ricca, dated 81, Could not find references to W W Ricca on the Internet. The line down the center is a result of pasting two scans together, it is NOT on the artwork.

Picked this up at Goodwill. Cost . Size: 11"x14"

Ragment Series: 12 of 15
pick up artists

Image by Jef Harris
The story behind this shoot is one of my favorite stories. While working with Lissa on the Acmia shoot Lissa dropped by my place late at night to help out with sorting through the hundreds of wicked shots we got.
Pictures this: Lissa sitting on the floor next to me as I’m flipping through the pictures, picking one, dumping one, on and on till the last one is put away. I look over to my right; see Lissa sitting on the ground next to me holding a cup of tea in both hands. I look over to the clock, its 12:45. I look down at Lissa and say, “hey Lissa, want to do a shoot right now?”
She looks up from her steaming tea and says, “Sure”.
So with an old shirt, a found necklace, some blue and white grease paint, away we went. A reminder that I, as an artist, am to remain open too every opportunity. Take risks. The rewards will be worth it.

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