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Some cool pick up artist images:

pick up artist

Music has been a major part of Kristina Shelden’s life for almost as long as she can remember. Growing up, she developed her skills as a singer in her school’s jazz band before picking up a guitar for the first time in her late teenage years. She found that through song she was able to release her emotions and create something with which people can identify. Kristina lost her ability to play the guitar when she sustained a spinal cord injury in a car accident. A nearly miraculous recovery coupled with her involvement with the Vancouver Adapted Music Society (VAMS) gave her the support she needed to develop as a singer, learn to work together with other musicians, and move toward discovering her true potential. Kristina aspires to use music and lyrics to communicate honestly and allow other people to relate. She will soon release her debut single About You, and may start work on a full-length album in order to reach that goal.

Mustafa Maluka – An artist in his paradise
pick up artist

Image by Nar8iv / Scott W
– prior to his uploads of 10 Jan

How can you resist the urge to pick up a brush and paint when they call to you like this?

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