BOSSK “Pick Up Artist” Audio Preview

“Pick Up Artist” taken from the upcoming Limited 7″EP from BOSSK. A release date and Pre-ordering information will be announced soon. Bossk are an atmospheri…

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14 Responses to BOSSK “Pick Up Artist” Audio Preview

  1. Myk ell says:

    The mix is messed up in this video for some reason. The song is awesome

  2. Bakeaglacons says:

    I’m so in love. They have a lot of potential. So stocked to see what
    they’ll make with you! Congratulations guys for being in the coolest label
    ever. (:

  3. M4RCi92 says:

    What an incredible sound. Especially from 4:40. It’s something from another
    world. I’m impressed as fuck.

  4. Deathwishinc says:

    Thank you for the support.

  5. MyOwnEpitaph says:

    Bossk! dem back!

  6. Roy Jones says:

    Bossk on Deathwish. Yissssss

  7. WeXzeR says:

    The riff around 01:00, am I the only one that got reminded of the opening
    riff for Old Man Gloom – Sleeping With Snakes? Anyways, track sounds
    alright. Will definitely be checking out the DW release with them when it
    is out

  8. jane doe says:

    Awesome sound, awesome visual. Thank you for properly cultivating your
    artists Deathwish. Excited for Bossk to be in your hands.

  9. LuredDecoy says:

    Congrats on having the best band ever

  10. sam schroeder says:

    I love everything about this.

  11. Glenn Broadley says:

    Bossk is back! Fucking awesome tune!

  12. Nick Harmer says:

    Where’s the LP?

  13. wraaaah says:

    This has to be the first “post-metal” that I’ve liked in a while. Nice to
    hear that some people still know how it’s done properly.

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