Best Relationship Advice Period – Part 2

here is part 2 enjoy yall…don’t forget to share this link on FB Get DigiTour Tickets Here! My iPhone, iPod, iPad App Also available on the Android platform. Go to the Android market and type “DeStorm” My Facebook: My Twitter: Send mail to: DeStorm Power PO Box 964 North Hollywood, CA 91603 Get a Tee! 25% off purchases of or more or for UK purchases. click “Shop DeStorm in the EU” Relationships Advice Period – Part 2 Relationships Advice Period – Part 2

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25 Responses to Best Relationship Advice Period – Part 2

  1. sikhitihaas says:


  2. owijers says:

    You may think its stereotypical, but in the end the best relationships are the ones when each partner does their role in a relationship! Men are men… they must work make many to support their family and a women must take care of the house. When i say take care of the house i don’t mean clean only like a maid, i mean organize the furniture and get good healthy foods for the family to eat, manage the kids time tables etc. Women are the head of the house, Men take joy in fincancialy providing.

  3. chalkerrulez says:

    So you are saying on one hand it would be bad for your guy to look at another chick because she looks good, but if he wants his own girl to do that it’s a bad thing? Fuck i would think after all the shit your guy does for you, you would be wanting to wear those underwear he likes for one fucking night because it will make him happy. I bet if you asked your guy to wear something other then boxers to bed for one night because you would find it sexy, he would do it

  4. WendyllG says:

    What he meant was if you were trying to turn him on in PJ’s all the time, its going to get old, every now and again, switch it up to keep it fresh

  5. RPogosian333 says:


  6. BiggestBoss1009 says:

    Everyone see relationships differently and i understand where your coming from when yu mean stereotypes.

  7. Nok2la2010 says:

    Will you marry me?.. jokes aside…lol

  8. SKiss4 says:

    i got these chicken bones in the skin i just want to smother it around your back fat WHAT!!!!!!!! loll

  9. suzyquzy says:


  10. Recomification says:

    the worst thing she can say: no… sorry no.. HAHAHAH LOOK AT YOU!! HELL NO! YO, PEOPLE! SEE THIS LITTLE FELLA?? HE ASKED ME OUT!! HAHAHA…..

  11. MrDamonChristopher says:


    Everybody please take the time to check out my channel and subscribe i give advice to my audience and it would mean a lot if you just gave me a chance! thank you!

  12. scaredchalk says:

    he must have had a bad experience with bloomers

  13. TheAchroite says:


  14. Erica Pickens says:

    I love the time out room,LMFAO!!!!

  15. Erica Pickens says:

    Real talk!

  16. TheRoxykiss2 says:

    13:05 hahahha gooo to ur room LOL omg laughflash attack ;”D DeStorm knows the truth!!!

  17. TheRoxykiss2 says:

    BUbble bath hahahhahahahahahahaa :D thats the secret magic :D*

  18. pinkgurl44 says:

    you damn right long distance relationships are hard! -_____- me n my bf r 2 years workin on 3 n he lives in louisiana n i live in nc….he lived in nc for 3 years thats hw we met but he went back to his hometown new orleans…..its hard only communicatin thru phone calls n sendin packages n oovoo but we love each other, rite nw hes workin while im in school…..u really love someone you make it work because now and forever im stayin with him yea i get lonely n shit but thats wat vids n pics for

  19. Denton Neal says:

    like your videos. the other day me and my girlfriend who ive been dating for two years went out to eat at Mexican and she was gonna go home after that so we said goodbye you know whatever, so then i followed her down the road in my truck, which we were driving separate, put my flashers on pulled her over she got out of the car and i did to. so i grabbed her and kissed her on the side of the highway in front of god and everybody hah :) thats how i keep my spark lite.

  20. ayanna7430 says:

    Amen Amen!! Pt.1&2 :)) ur so funny thanks for these videos)

  21. StinePollen says:

    Every fucking person on earth should watch this!

  22. RPogosian333 says:


  23. Fiona Maclean says:

    OMG THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME hahahahaha I laughed so hard

  24. Ohthedrama69 says:

    Don’t do it. Why give him sex if he barely makes the time to see you? Never do anything you don’t want to. Open your eyes and realize that he’s trying to use you for sex and move on! Take care.

  25. aanoh91 says:

    Johnson and Johnson no tears relaxing bubble bath llmaaaoooo

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