Best damn advice for men about women and dating a must see for men. truthseekerai

Best damn advice for men about women and dating. a must see for men. truthseekerai.
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Model Jourdan Dunn lets her body do the talking when she wants a man to notice her. To catch her eye you better make her laugh and be damn sure to keep your …

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29 Responses to Best damn advice for men about women and dating a must see for men. truthseekerai

  1. Bruce Birdsall says:

    If only I paid attention in school. This course is great TAKE IT…!!!

  2. Steve Mahy says:


  3. TruthSeeker Ai says:

    Best damn advice for men about women and dating a must see for men.

  4. Grace Anderson says:

    This is the best thing I’ve seen all day. My husband married in the danger
    zone. I ain’t ‘fraid to admit it.

  5. Miillie Mesh says:

    Her body is so dope

  6. Liu Jason says:




  8. Nicole Lamarre says:

    She is gorgeous & healthy not underweight 

  9. Hiếu Tạ Minh says:

    sexy quá

  10. The Sex Trend says:

    Jourdan Dunn – some #dating tips for men

  11. affyUK says:

    This girl needs to eat. 

  12. tmoneyvstmack13 says:

    She’s skinny as fuck, but shit I’d be happy to put some meat on her bones
    any day;) also great interview. I took plenty of notes.

  13. Mr Proton says:

    one of the most beautiful women of her generation… praise God

  14. Evan Black says:

    God I Love This Women And Her Accent

  15. 4567ttt says:

    She really looks emaciated. She’s a beautiful woman but also a victim of
    ridiculous body image value that media projects.

  16. HollyGolightly078 says:

    yeah,let’s have rebel wilson on the cover of GQ:she has plenty of meat on
    her body

  17. zhbroder says:

    you want something to really complain about? she has the most rachet feet
    in the game

  18. TriniGirl Hav says:

    At 1:22 through 1:25 was the best. She has the most beautiful face and cute
    smile. THERE Is NOTHING wrong with this girls weight and body. I would KILL
    for her figure.

  19. moviedude22 says:


  20. Darwaish Asif says:

    there is many websites where girls chatting online that are many times
    better than these vids, i understand you all too lazy so ill tell you my
    favorite type this in your browser GIRLCM.COM Expect more get less and feel
    sadness Or expect less get more and feel happiness

  21. Mancitybarca10 says:

    Day ass

  22. jessiewong932 says:

    She is so perfect!!! I love her body!!

  23. AssAdmiration says:


  24. Jon Bong Jovi says:

    Everybody shut up about how skinny she is! She’s perfectly fine?

  25. Jon Bong Jovi says:

    I feel as tho you are exaggerating….

  26. Andrew Stephen says:

    How any people came cause the naked girl on front

  27. jak12 says:

    Somebody please give her a sandwich and a dumbbell. This looked like an ad
    to end starvation. The age of the rail thin malnourished looking model is

  28. Andrea Wilson says:


  29. Vince Leuenberger says:

    Give her some soup.

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