Being With You is Not a Gamble – from “The Pick-Up Artist” with Robert Downey Jr. and Molly Ringwald

In this clip, as Molly Ringwald explains why they can’t be together, Robert Downey Jr. gives one of the great lines-that’s-not-a-Line, about how it feels to … – never worry about picking up women again as kezia noble sooths the pain of approaching ladies like herself by sh…

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14 Responses to Being With You is Not a Gamble – from “The Pick-Up Artist” with Robert Downey Jr. and Molly Ringwald

  1. felipe terrazas says:

    Go IronMan

  2. 0xNEVVG3N says:

    What a crappy movie, it has nothing to do with Pickup at all, the way
    Downy’s character was portrayed does not resemble a pickup artist at all,
    in fact he sounded desperate and needy in most of his interactions, he was
    always supplicating to the girls. A pickup artist would have picked up the
    two European models in the cafe not go stalk some random woman who gave him
    a blowjob. This movie is just the standard love story, it has absolutely
    nothing to do with pickup.

  3. Eva Anais Gómez-C Gª-Navas says:

    omg! he’s changed a lot!! but those eyes have remained and they will,
    forever :)

  4. NIM19able says:

    With or without the gap, he is still HOT!!!

  5. Urethra Franklin says:

    The gap! *squee* Adorable!

  6. Boglarka Varga says:

    he is beautiful with or without the gap you idiots

  7. Achtungbaby90 says:

    Awww he is so cute

  8. Christina Flores says:

    its true…”you can only gamble when you have a choice, i wanna be with you
    forever i dont have a choice about that…”….you cant help who you love
    no matter how hard you try

  9. xgoldlion07x says:

    check yourself before you wreck yourself

  10. AgathaBeso123 says:

    His teeth…

  11. SweetenThekitty96 says:

    I didn’t even notice his gap until I saw this. I watched the whole movie
    without knowing…how could I be so blind?

  12. Lexi horann says:

    fucking screaming

  13. hippieforever8 says:

    @ciaobellakate OMG i was totally gonna say that xD

  14. Magnolia296 says:

    I really loved this film. Too bad it didn’t get much recognition and
    publicity – very underrated movie. Molly Ringwald, Robert Downey Jr. and
    Dennis Hopper did a great job. The 80’s were the best!

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