Before/During/After Relationship Tips

Just some awesome relationship tips for you guys and girls in the dating world. Bought the Mario 3 shirt from Hot Topic:…
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10 Relationship/Dating Advice Rules and 10 Things to Notice on a First Date Don’t take this too seriously guys! I don’t want any hate mail! I’m not an expert…
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50 Responses to Before/During/After Relationship Tips

  1. Alexandre Boucher says:

    What? 60% is a F? Where I live you can pass with 60%, it’s C

  2. Big Bad Wolf says:

    hey man, what if I liked a girl that a never spoke to, and she is actually
    2 years older than me, what should I do?

  3. Dakota Huskie™ says:

    He walked in doing the harlem shake XDDDDD

  4. Piemonster says:

    Okay. I need advice.
    So I’ve been going out with this guy for almost seven months, and it’s been
    going very well so far until my ex friend started having a crush on him. I
    don’t know what to do because I don’t want to come out as the jealous type
    who’s clinging to everyone.

  5. Dakota Huskie™ says:

    Im going to watch this video very closley to see what im doing wrong XD

  6. Anshul Kumar says:

    What’s his email

  7. Jaelee Heard says:

    Does he have a brother/friend/whatever? Or was that him and I am just

  8. Oliver Mainey says:

    You’re bad at math. You said 100%=50% therefore 10%=5% not 10%=10%

  9. Tyler Phan says:

    I have a girl um lets call her kathy ok me and her just started dating
    we’ve been off and on what should I do

  10. akanesamasan says:

    Now seriously, if i lived near your we would be together, you´re my man
    version xDD

  11. Carla Briggs says:

    cute dog ,

  12. vongolashimondecimo says:

    100% = 50%
    10% = 5%

    50 + 5 = 55
    ≠ 60


    60% = C
    <50% = F

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmhmm =3

  13. Rosmariini says:

    I am saying many time sorry that i am been kid and angry with small things,
    but he dont want to doing change. He dont say i am doing wrong, but i know
    it. Now he is come more bad gay.

    Ignoring like “dont smoke!”, hung out with friends and tell me how bad he
    friends is. So why he dont hang out with me? I am ask many time, no answer.
    He foot is now cross. Thanks for him friends. He talking about
    everytime sex and joke about it. It is not joke if you really mean it. 

  14. shootashota says:

    It’s awkward when you both go to the same high school and pretty much see
    each other everyday when the break up was just left on bad terms

  15. Ara Omotowa says:

    Swoozie I’m hooked to your channel! I LOVE IT (I am also in love w/ the 30
    day relationship challenge;) STAY WITH KAYLA!!

  16. kaya ronalldo says:

    ro im from trinidad wood brock

  17. Mikayla Garvin says:

    This helped me a LOT I just got out of a long distance relation ship and
    the one thing that made me happy was watching your videos 

  18. LovedontHate2297 says:

    I love you ^.^.

  19. Nick Ochoa says:

    60 a D

  20. Madeline Williams says:

    “EY! Go shake it somewhere ELSE!”
    *other guy just looks at him like :3*
    Who was that harlem shake guy? 

  21. Lightcrystal Knight says:

    random herlam shake

  22. Isaiah Deyarmin says:

    Where I live 60% is a D

  23. Andrea Corona says:

    Be more active. Your videos are too funny and your audience wants more!

  24. Sammie Sam says:

    boy, we need to be friends lol <3

  25. Niwa Faseyi says:


  26. CupidsPulse says:

    We enjoyed your clip!!

  27. ChicagoNewsReport says:

    Troy, you would dump a guy for wearing brown and black, but you have issues
    with picky eaters? See, this is why most queens die alone. Dumb and

  28. KaiserFailed says:

    I just swooned, fell, and broke my neck.

    ugh <3

  29. Clément Michard says:

    Number 11 : if they lokk at every thing you do following what you say…
    end it now !

  30. Clément Michard says:

    These are not tips to construct, these are tips to say : you’re not made
    for a relationship. After your video, I just wanna stop dating and
    believing in love !

  31. Bosley Trowbridge says:

    super hawtee! If you want a big dick like he has, stop playing around and
    google sizetrac. It works!

  32. Johnny knoxville says:

    So hott!!! I love 1 If you want a big weener like he has, stop playing
    around and google sizetrac. It works!

  33. Twilightjacob152 says:

    END IT KNOW! XD LMAO! I love this! I had a question what if the guy your
    dating After 3 weeks he said he wants to marry you…? 0.o Do I END IT NOW!

  34. Man2Man says:

    Hello Troy! Nice to meet you! I just wanted to let you know about my new
    channel Man2Man, I also will be talking about Gay relationships, Dating and
    Self Love…we will be diving deep into the issues we gay men come across,
    without the fluff and superficial advice we often find on youtube! Hope to
    see you there and hopefully you can bring some of your insight as well,
    Anyone is also welcome to subscribe for upcoming Tips & Advice for FREE!
    Thank you and great job on your channel, luv you all! :)

  35. Yewon2001 says:

    So fucking true! Especially the paying part. I had a guy ‘take me on a date
    and then when the bill came he didn’t pay for me and then after he’s
    surprised I didn’t want a second date!

  36. schnarcus says:

    man… that was really painful and embarrassing.

  37. jimmydtvo says:

    ha aha haha…thank you for the tip…never know these rules before, it is
    funny, but true

  38. S.A .G disliker says:

    man you are talking the truth, why do i know this cuz i been there and done
    that. and dose are the thing that make me a stronger man… thanks you for
    making this video bro…

  39. uncoverbrother says:

    these seem more like a list of annoyances rather an actual advice. nice

  40. pohlmara555 says:

    I liked all the stuff he said except the part about the no car thing. For
    instance, I’m 23 & can’t afford a car or anything & trying to get into
    college with no help since I have no family. If anything if you get picked
    up you pay for the gas or desert or something to make up for it.

  41. Ernesto Corona says:

    its not even a lot of dating advice it’s just what you think about couples

  42. LaughingDeath1 says:

    i feel lil…. and suprisingly i had a date where the guy grabbed my arse
    and kept tellin me he wanted to hav sex…. and then the next day he didnt
    even care…. so ur advice is comepletely true… except McDonalds yet I
    havent had a date ask me to 1…. btw im 14 :P

  43. pizzaboy77 says:


  44. mcleftnut says:

    I’m a picky eater so I guess I wouldn’t have a chance with you. That’s funny

  45. saitu83 says:

    @nbdysperfect the irony here is that your youtube name is (with a few added
    vowels) nobody’s perfect. and you’d end a relationship if someone wore
    brown shoes with a black belt….

  46. TyJames29 says:

    I like ur page but u have too many restrictions, just enjoy life while u
    have it

  47. TranceAddictsUnited says:

    I LOL during your vid, nice tips.. I would say most of them are really
    true! And for the guy who said you must be single, i would bet against him,
    you seem like a fun/humour full guy with self respect and respect for
    others.. a good guy ;) thx for the tips – mike

  48. boyluck2 says:

    Thanks for the advice! It was very practical and fun to watch.

  49. wrbpoli says:

    i dont know why i watched this (im not gay)..oh yea……..i thought it
    would be funny :D

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