Balancing Friends/Girls*Relationship Advice #1

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25 Responses to Balancing Friends/Girls*Relationship Advice #1

  1. NMC says:


  2. Stevie Q says:

    thanks Kyle for that talk, i feel confident for the future XD

  3. NHKC says:

    you got a good point man 

  4. Savci008 says:

    Friends last longer than girls. HURR DURR KYLE IS GAY :D

  5. lmaotiger says:

    time heals everything but cancer

  6. gotfarmcape says:

    No xbox….FUCK THAT

  7. UrbanCraft says:

    whats the name of this game?????

  8. antwan Jacobi says:

    been there before. then outta nowhere a lovely lady came along and i got
    really close to my old friends again. smooth sailin since. keep ya chin up.

  9. CYellowan says:

    To get friends you have to hang out with PEOPLE. To do that, you have to
    associate with people. A job might be a good start, maybe a club or some
    kind of activity. That is how it goes for the majority of people. Hang on
    with it M8t; smart people go far!

  10. jonny ostendorf says:

    gratzs for being the dip**** of the day :D.

  11. ke fe says:

    No xbox in the room? but your the one paying rent??? maaaannn i hope she
    was as good in bed as she was laying them damn house rules on you like that

  12. Rain Man says:

    man, like we are the same. i went trough the SAME shit you went trough

  13. alex97cod27 says:

    make more of these vids

  14. jonny ostendorf says:

    grats for being the dip**** of the day :D.

  15. Doezer says:

    I love this game

  16. Eccy K. says:

    I would love to relive my high school! I was the nerd type and didn’t go to
    the parties and stuff. Don’t forget guys: “Don’t regret the things you’ve
    done, regret the things you didn’t do when you had the chance!”

  17. volcom1722 says:

    sometimes they do

  18. TheCalikid925 says:

    is your new website ready yet!!

  19. Frank J says:

    That’s beautiful man.

  20. gotfarmcape says:


  21. NobleMan Clan says:

    I will always watch your vids no matter how old I am.

  22. Co⊙zEb○Yz says:

    im thinking that this is not the advice he was looking for. your kind of
    jaded. its like asking ketchup why mustard is better? stick to your day job
    playing video games and hiding behind a computer to make fun of people.

  23. Nick Bowden says:

    lol gotfarmcape? is that a runescape thing

  24. Dustin Marsh says:

    Check out my channel subscribe!?!?!?!?!

  25. blackhawk78echo says:

    my best friend is my girlfriend lol, so my advice is if u do get a gf in
    highschool get one that puts up with stuff and does stuff you like and
    doesn’t give a shit about what others think.

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