AXE Chickipedia – Psycho Girlfriend – Are you dating a crazy woman? – Ep 06

Are you dating a psychopath? In this episode of AXE Chickipedia, you’ll learn how to know whether your girlfriend is psycho or not. Episode 6 features psycho girls torturing their Boyfriends with their mad, neurotic, paranoid and aggressive behavior. You can go to any extent to please them but every sweet gesture of yours will always be under scrutiny for a psychotic girlfriend because they are the most insecure. So if you watch carefully you may be able to identify a “Psycho Girlfriend”. See how the girls troubles, tortures and harasses the boy even when he is not at fault. Psycho girlfriends threaten suicide, call up excessively and constantly nag their boyfriends. In this Episode we cover some important points that will tell you whether you dating a psychopath, like: What’s the difference between a Normal Girlfriend and a Psycho Girlfriend? Things that can trigger the psycho behaviour? To what extent can these psycho girlfriends go to drive you crazy! Chickiquote: A Woman’s mind is clearer than a Man’s – That’s because she changes it more often. Chicktionary: Patience (noun)- The most important ingredient in a man’s life when he is dating a Woman! So guys please save our brothers who are in this situation. Don’t forget to comment on our video to give us your feedback. Please let us know if you agree or disagree to what this episode talks about. Subscribe to now for the latest updates on Bindass AXE Chickipedia so that you can Learn More and Suffer Less

The Wing Girls is a weekly dating advice show for guys. Hosts Jet and Star give their opinions and how-to advice about relationships, sex, kissing, dating, and everything every guy wants to know about girls. New episodes every Wednesday. In our vid this week, we show you how to make a move on a girl! If you’ve got a question for us, go to and please add us on facebook at
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50 Responses to AXE Chickipedia – Psycho Girlfriend – Are you dating a crazy woman? – Ep 06

  1. Messi Abhishek Ekka says:

    Incredible..!! whenever i watch these episodes i feel myself so lucky being single..!!! :D :D

    by d way..i love the way he shooots himself..!! XD XD

  2. Gaurav Rathod says:

    i have one more kind of girlfriend called the DUMB gf hahahhahahaha they are really funny to date seriously man trust me dumb gfs are a bit like psycho i think so. But it will be great that u make an episode on them

  3. TheAnanya24 says:

    oh my bf will love to watch this video :P you guys should make a video on what sort of girls, guys should actually date :P

  4. ra83clement says:

    So true especially the I got you your favourite flowers …..what have you done ?

  5. EiNiMiNiE says:

    i really love ur acting :)….keep up the AWESOME work and plzz keep making new videos :D

  6. drakulamaster says:


  7. sidhemu09 says:

    dude can i date dis video gal :P :)

  8. bindass says:

    Glad you agreed with us. LIKE and SHARE our video with your friends.

  9. bindass says:

    we appreciate your positive feedback halie557.

  10. bindass says:

    hi fossil007007, we are happy to know that you agreed with us. LIKE and SHARE this video with your friends.

  11. Invinciblevishal says:

    nafisa totally nails all the characters….aweosme way to go girl

  12. halie557 says:

    Just love this!!!! Sooo funny

  13. arindamrockstar says:

    omg thats true yarr nafisa sharma u rock yarrr

  14. Vamshikrishna Janga says:

    OMG tht’s soo true :P

  15. xrimpy says:

    This seems funny now, at that time I could have honestly shot myself.

  16. bindass says:

    Haha. Then imagine what your teacher’s husband must have felt :p

  17. bindass says:

    Hey, the show is about guys who cannot handle their girlfriends as even that is a HUGE problem. We know that a lot of guys dont know how to get a girl but as you mentioned there are already many shows about that. The intention of Chickipedia is to ensure that men don’t make mistakes in a relationship and also to avoid the ‘Atyachaar’ that some girls cause them :)

  18. icecoldprince says:

    Reminds of a school teacher who used to throw me out of the class all the time… Shivers down the spine..

  19. bindass says:

    Thanks Sanskriti :) We are delighted that you love our videos. Keep watching!

  20. bindass says:

    Hahahaha… Thats a funny co-incidence :)

  21. bindass says:


  22. bindass says:

    Hahahaaha… The girl has been given a character that to most guys will look scary :)

  23. bindass says:

    Thanks again Ashrit!

  24. bindass says:

    Thanks Satish. You can watch new episodes every Monday!

  25. bindass says:

    Thanks Amrit :)

  26. SarahTheSassy71 says:

    I like it when a guy asks to kiss me it’s sweet ‘n’ romantic.

  27. 100000000blueskies says:

    Oh my gosh these videos are hilarious!!!!!!

  28. KrazyKratosFan says:

    History did, now go clean the kichen lady

  29. Jalon Crise says:

    i was at the movies talking to a girl by the popcorn thing and she was gonna watch a different movie so i go back to the movie ticket order thing nd buy the ticket just to go see it and it was worth….. cant share no more XD

  30. Foreveralifter says:

    I remember the first time I really tried asking a girl out. 16 on the bus… she was sitting accross from me. Blonde hair… lit up the room everytime I saw her. I had talked to her a few times before trying more or less to know what she was all about. So I sat there stiff as a board and sweating… No really I was. I turned my head and opened my mouth in an attempt to speak several times during the next 10 minutes..Oh how it was horrible. Finally when I got it out it was way too studdered. Bad.

  31. MissSFGiantsLover says:

    And also because we expect you to make the moves like it has happened during centuries, that’s why we’re all flirty and batting our eyes and yeah >////> we females are like that I don’t know and you guys always end up asking us out so yeah >.>

  32. MissSFGiantsLover says:

    we make the move… and then we’re called, ”desperate bitches.” It has happened >_>

  33. GazaQueen121 says:

    Kiss your hands two times

    Say your crushes name two times

    Post this on two other videos

    Look at your hand

  34. DJMckez says:

    Because were the ones with the penis :D

  35. robby123ism says:

    LOL no we wouldn’t! 

  36. Galen Stewart says:

    this is totally my fav episode! =D

  37. Linnea Keire says:

    Who said all girls clean kitchens?

  38. kbuburuz says:

    lol. good point ill take that into consideration next time

  39. Chuck Norris says:

    I was just like wanna fuck and she was like YESSS and so he did lol

  40. hug770 says:

    k, i rlly need advice.. im 14, and me and this girl both like eacother and we were dating but then we stopped, and now were at that point of we like eacother but its rlly awkward. and i want to make a move but i dont want to make a move and have it ruin our friendship and make things rllllyy awkward. what do i do? plz help me.

  41. laxmadison41 says:

    What if the girl is scared to do it, but she really wants to?

  42. GiggityGook says:

    “Like in the tea cups at disneyland” xD

  43. xzeegames says:


  44. TailsBit says:

    Why can’t girls ask us out? Why can’t girls make a move? Lazy beeches, maybe if you made the move first then we’d be cleaning the kitchen instead of you.

  45. starrygleam says:


  46. vAporSyndicate says:

    lol cool story dude why don’t u just get dome the first day

  47. noon3freak says:

    I get boners from smelling my girl’s hairs.

  48. sdaftermath123 says:

    i hate girls that blow up your phone asking to hang out one on one and then when you han g out with them you get close to their face and they don’t move away and then when you make a move, they say “what are you doing?” bitch are you so dumb as to think that a guy would hang out with a girl one on one just to be friends??? nobody likes a tease that makes guys look like idiots. fuck off. i kicked her ass outta my car after that.;…..dumb bitch

  49. homieskay95 says:

    Boobiess =)

  50. PowerHouseKidExotic says:

    hey im 14 im going to ask this girl to be my gf and then like 2-3 days later im going to kiss her

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