Ask Pitbull Live!! Relationship Advice

Pitbull goes to Times Square to give people life advice. Picture that with a Kodak! SEE PART 2 HERE:…
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25 Responses to Ask Pitbull Live!! Relationship Advice

  1. ElPoetaMusical says:

    “Imma go take a picture of me with a Kodak” hahahaha

  2. Lisastar70 says:

    Dale! lol (i am spanish)

  3. NoraaThe says:

    pause at 0:06 JACK SPARROW =[)

  4. Lily Baker says:


  5. TopEpicShit says:

    I get conFUZED..

  6. TheGiantKiller8 says:

    same with just subscribed few days ago and have watched almost 50 vids

  7. Bella donna says:

    i would always take advice from todd cause he is awesome

  8. Ceplosjinn says:

    don’t overdo’s my job! haha!!!

  9. jessica perkins says:

    i love you Todd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  10. leanna ana taylor marie says:

    @colt41921 Todd

  11. hasti paymard says:


  12. MsTg1313 says:

    Make more pitbull! Dále!

  13. miloismykitty929 says:

    @colt41921 todd

  14. ThomasPresley21 says:


  15. FinkNathan says:

    Dolly. Dolly Parton? The country singer? Why does pitbull like Dolly

  16. psygirl0111 says:


  17. rajithwarren says:

    ‘I saw some good music out there, and so i wanted to take a crap on all of
    that’ LMFAO!

  18. CheAshBri says:

    That black chick looks like the lady from The Walking Dead. lol

  19. Tezzy Bieber says:

    excuse me mrs can i have some of your salad . urr no.. thats how you do it !

  20. Th3WitchingHour says:

    At the end I thought he’d just walk over to one of the women and throw her
    over his shoulder.

  21. Keltic Fury says:

    Thats how ya do it!

  22. Elena Lorenzo says:

    At 1:55 luv his shirt ;L

  23. Andrea Rodrigues says:


  24. lovemonkeysw says:

    Scuse me miss my name is pitbull. can i have some of your salad?

  25. minoo ghadiri says:

    Todd your so funny

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