Are Pickup Artist Techniques Immoral?

With “The Game” and a popular VH1 reality show in the last few years, are pickup artists and their techniques of seduction inherently immoral? Or can they se…

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25 Responses to Are Pickup Artist Techniques Immoral?

  1. DarKool81 says:

    American guys think too much about this shit. Do you honestly think women
    don’t see through the veneer of formulaic seduction. In Europe, men are
    certainly less insecure.

  2. schtals says:

    Quit the lines and peacocking, become a true alpha and natural. That will
    bring the confidence and value. Pick-up stuff is very helpful and will make
    you waaaaay more successful, but get over that initial patterns-&-DHV
    stories phase asap. 

  3. Virginia DeMickey says:

    Good pickup, as has often been framed by the masculine, mature, and
    intelligent in the community (Read: Not the lanky fedora lads you see
    running around the bar), is expressing yourself in a way that women find
    valuable. Ideally, it isn’t, and shouldn’t be, about dishonesty,
    manipulation, trickery, rote lines and routines, or otherwise disingenuous

    It’s a set of social skills for the common good: Body language,
    assertiveness, banter, flirting, energy balance, security in and honesty
    about one’s intentions and state of being. These are the social skills some
    of us don’t learn growing up, and that sometimes run contrary to
    conventional wisdom or social norms.

  4. Jan Figi says:

    Girls knowing the common lines for negs and openers, obviously makes it
    more easier for them to figure out they’re getting hit on and bring out
    their “bitch shield”. But the method is not tied to the lines. Just knowing
    what you have to portray in a girls eye’s is enough. The method enriches

  5. Thaulin says:

    The guy who looks and talks like an absolute virgin:”it’s all bullshit. why
    am I not enough?

  6. Ashton Steinke says:

    Sorry. *Chelsey* 

  7. Ashton Steinke says:

    Why is everyone so rude, Chelsea is a beautiful young woman who deserves
    more respect than what we’re giving her!! :D

  8. WICKEDMAN85 says:

    I have used the Method since 2003 and It has diffently improved my life and
    improved my skills with women. I am still improving myself and taking a
    girl out tonight and it is down to the methods. So I will support PUA, Game
    or Natural skill and guys if you want to improve your social life, then
    take ACTION NOW!!!

  9. Lucky Henry says:

    wow these people dont know what theyre talking about

  10. marvin flores says:

    By the way, Mystery acomplished his goal and made a tv show on it on vh1.
    Props to him and Neil strauss. The theories will never die.

  11. jinishima says:

    5:20 did they slap at the same time?

  12. MrBebopChamploo says:

    I don’t like the idea of using pickup techniques.

  13. pissed7off says:

    It’s subconscious, so how can it be immoral? Experience will help you weave
    around the roadblocks, but you need to be smart enough to learn what (not)
    to say.

  14. Lucky J says:

    I like this. Just to correct the word, peacock though. You cannot peacock
    someone is not a word for that kind of context. Peacock= wearing any 1 or
    more things that makes you stand out which can be a conversation starter.

  15. TGMasaka says:

    How is it subconscious?

  16. Chi Hegdekar says:

    When you meet a girl in a club, all the information she has about you comes
    from what she sees and hears at that moment in time. Therefore,
    theoretically, it wouldn’t make a difference if you’re rich or have a high
    status in society. Also what is an alpha-male? All the characteristics that
    an alpha-male has can be portrayed by you in a club or wherever you’re
    trying to pick up this girl.

  17. Turco949 says:

    It is really hard to pay full attention to this video when you notice the
    Next in the Common Room shows: “Vagina Shaving Leads to…”

  18. splein23 says:

    Well if guys could get laid any other way they wouldn’t play “The Game”.
    Being nice just doesn’t work very well.

  19. Michael O says:

    save me out that geek talk

  20. Charles Riddiough says:

    Exactly! Well said! Essentially pick up is all about being your best self
    so people like you. Girls wearing make up or push up bras is no different.

  21. themetsfan861 says:

    There’s a difference between being a pickup artist and being your own man
    in every sense of the word.

  22. david cetop says:

    cuz no matter what ! its still going to work ! you know these ” techniques
    ” they are talking about are already existing in regular normal life !
    they just put a name on it and comercialised it ! normal people are using
    these things without being aware of it ! these pua are helping afc to
    become normal …. its something like that ! lol

  23. UniversalPotentate says:

    Is this difficult? Now and again, you run into someone you “just click”
    with … however, in case you don’t win the lottery … Know what you want
    (relationship, sex, just to chat, etc.). Then find someone you like. From
    that last determine who likes you. From that list determine who wants the
    same thing as you. It’s called Process of Elimination. Oh look! It’s not
    even a book. I still have characters left on this comment.

  24. pissed7off says:

    It’s their instinct to challenge men on their beliefs. Many people call
    these “mind games”. It’s subconscious. It existed before pickup artists.
    Pickup artistry is a method to overcome attraction obstacles, which include
    “mind games”.

  25. MrTerrierLove says:

    Chelsey is a dick

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