Anime Dating Game (for girls)

Hi, I’ve decided to create an Anime dating game! The rules are simple: Simply pick a number between 1-10 (including 1 & 10) and wait to see who you get! Feel…

Looking for some dating advice? In this video Alanna Saskia From Take Me Out shares her top 5 dating tips for girls – from what to wear, to how to make ‘the …
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38 Responses to Anime Dating Game (for girls)

  1. Dani Slaven says:

    Natsuuuuu :D

  2. Payton chronister says:

    Got aidou but wouldn’t mind also having 7&8 <3 :-) 

  3. Adeline Kurnia says:

    kanameee (-‘//////////’)-

  4. midnight rath says:

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  5. rhiannalynne says:


  6. jess marlow says:

    Number 2!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Angel Stone says:


  8. princesssosweet1 says:

    zero please

  9. Özlem A. says:

    My 1st anime dating game is My Candy Love (Amour Sucré).

  10. kpop12girl022 says:


  11. Sandraa151 says:

    Kaname *o*

  12. crystal ramos says:

    Aiduo 3

  13. Allyleerosey lee says:

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I GO L Yay yay yay yay yay I’m obsessed with
    L… lol.

  14. clintcollings says:


  15. UndeadExorcist says:

    btw, Ls real name isnt Ryuzaki, its L Lawliet

  16. HinataGaming says:

    Natsu ^.^

  17. agressivechickable says:

    I got luffy but no me gusta luffy

  18. DaydreamerakaSHBMH says:

    I got Aidou,Frau and Kaname. ^_^

  19. nanna4673 says:

    Got Zero… Wish I got Aidou thoughXD

  20. Superpanda1108 says:

    Aidou and Zero^_^

  21. UndeadExorcist says:

    I got Zero too lol ^^

  22. Heathertail250 says:

    i got Takashi, frau, and L

  23. Alexis Ludlam says:

    I got techashi he is pretty cute I wish I got zero oh well I love techashi
    to lol

  24. UndeadExorcist says:

    Zero ^-^

  25. Tammy V says:

    luffy huh? im taking him to a buffet jusr to see if the buisness goes down

  26. مصطفى العبيدي says:

    My dating tipps: First of all just be yourself. If he doesn’t like you,
    screw it. Go find someone else. Done.

  27. DopeSoundKokane says:

    Short tongue and ugly.

  28. Mohammed Alnakhli says:

    This is coming from a dude perspective. The less you talk the batter. :)

  29. cornjobb says:

    how about some videos on how to wipe properly?

  30. knocknamona says:

    Tip #1 is bad advice. Fancy nails is a major turn off for many guys.
    There’s no point doing something ugly like Alanna has on because it will
    put a lot of guys off. What is better advice, is make sure all make-up
    (including nails) is natural and subtle. Flashy make up makes women look
    like prostitutes, a more natural look makes women look like a potential

  31. AppleSpicer says:

    I’ve tried to share the bill and I always get a negative reaction. If I
    over do my nails they think I’m high maitnence. I’ve tried to make the
    first move, they think I want sex! All of these are terrible except about
    exs. It’s conmon sense.

  32. TheObiwan1113 says:

    thats funny. im more attracted to women who want longer relationships

  33. TheJollyGamerJoe says:

    I have a tip for you Alanna. When on a date don’t sit infront of a light
    that makes you look like you’re wearing a party hat in the thumbnail.

  34. 1JStyLeZ1 says:

    fuck that, women should pay that fucking bill!

  35. sara Sanders says:

    Hi I can’t believe this came out today

  36. matrimcauthon123 says:

    Umm how many guys have dumped you?

  37. مصطفى العبيدي says:

    Guys hate done nails. Just saying.

  38. Izzy Graze says:

    Definitely agree on the last tip. And I guess complimenting too. But that’s
    just a nice thing to do. No need to overthink it.

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