5 Easy Text Flirting Tips for Guys

Visit Here: http://HowToTextAGirl.info/download – 5 Easy Text Flirting Tips for Guys In today’s world of technology, text messaging is fast becoming one of t…
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http://lovein90days.com Dating advice expert, Dr. Diana Kirschner, assisted by blogger pup, Madison, teaches you simple yet powerful flirting tips designed t…

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25 Responses to 5 Easy Text Flirting Tips for Guys

  1. amzingracee says:

    why is she talking to her dog? haha!

  2. Mike Alataby says:

    what do we do if we want to meet women like not dogs LOOOOOL just kidding I
    had to say that

  3. C Nguyen says:


  4. jackinla8 says:

    does Madison shed?

  5. lilchikityXD says:

    haha i guess thats true!! :P

  6. bailey reed says:

    I love the dog!! she is so adorable!

  7. Morgoth Bauglir says:

    I usually prefer cats, but your dog is so cute

  8. Teresa Holcomb says:


  9. maikor3 says:

    omg the dog is toooo cuuuuttttteeee!!!!

  10. xxes11xx says:

    Doctor, I was wondering… is it important to look constantly into the eyes
    of our date? I figured that when I am either a bit shy, or just not feeling
    comfortable with the other party, I tend to look away a lot… Thanks, Kate

  11. andrei6568 says:

    gordiniya.dateer.com here is an excellent site

  12. jojocinema says:

    Another great video on Irresistable Flirting Moves…LOVED IT. Guys love
    it, when you give them your undivided attention…too bad, some of
    them–don’t reciprocate that back to you…ha..ha..LOL.

  13. Reds Rabbit says:

    Great job once again! :D And your assistant is the best one out there! x3

  14. earlsutton says:

    kill that dog

  15. Sam Curley says:

    Better way to get a guy: Take off your pants.

  16. Kristen Kadooka says:

    wow! madison really looks like she- i mean he, understands and is

  17. xOnlyHopex3 says:

    so i been watching these and now i knwo that last year the guy i like was
    flirting with em and i did NOTHING lol i’m going to try it now even tho im
    terrified lol

  18. hasanlolane says:

    sexy woman with a lot of love to give naneedj.info

  19. Reesie Joy Smiley says:

    I am just discovering your youtube channel. You have a very pleasant
    disposition and great tips. I can tell you really have a genuine desire to
    help people. Thank you.

  20. PaytonProductions111 says:

    thats sexy ;p

  21. SpottedTiger89 says:

    Aaaah! THE PUUPPPPPY!!!! Sooo cuuute!

  22. Peach Plastic says:

    The Nanny!! Ahh, I KNEW I knew this species of dog from somewhere. It drove
    me up the walls throughout the three previous videos. Oh, and I realised
    I’m a better communicator than I knew, haha!

  23. Waterlily716 says:

    In every one of these videos she’s wearing the same shirt, and a different
    accessory. :) These are pretty god tho, and the dog is so cute!

  24. Midlight1 says:

    well shouldnt u know there favorite sport?????

  25. Azawindam says:

    @Azawindam Plus, the dog yawned at 3:10, lol.

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